Maybe you think we just showed up, but Trucker Radio has been around since May of 2006 as a weekly two-hour syndicated radio show heard on radio stations mostly in Canada and also in selected US markets. In April of this year, we chose to end our syndicated shows on terrestrial radio stations and instead offer a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week online radio station.  Over the 17 plus year that we were on broadcast radio, we mixed country music, trucking news, interviews and fun to and for the trucking industry. We are continuing that concept with Trucker Radio 24-7. Yes, it’s not all about trucking news, interviews and hot-headed opinions. Trucking is a career, not your life. yes, we all need a break from “shop talk.” So, and turn up the music…or turn up the silence, if that gives you peace.  We are here to stay, twenty-four hours a day.


  • Stan Campbell is a partner, producer and occasional Trucker Radio Show Host. He is a veteran broadcaster having  been on air in Nashville, Cincinnati, Toronto and Los Angeles. Most recently Stan was the host of the syndicated Trucker Radio Show for a 17-year run.

  • Marta “Tuchi” Ramirez is the heart of Trucker Radio and is the office manager handing graphic design, Spanish-English translations for various industry clients and some dreaded bookkeeping.

  • Marty Theurer is our sales and marketing guru. Marty is well connected to radio and the trucking industry.

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