Trucking Women-Part V-Kellylynn McLaughlin

todayJune 26, 2023 16 1

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    Trucking Women-Part V-Kellylynn McLaughlin Radio-Geek

This is Part 5 in our series Trucking Women. This week we feature another influencer female professional driver making a difference in the trucking industry. She is Kellylynn McLaughlin. Kellylynn was the Women in Trucking Association’s first Driver Ambassador. In this role, she traveled around the country educating those she met about the importance of the transportation industry and shares some of the challenges drivers face within the industry. She is currently a professional driver for Prime LTD. Kellylynn is passionate about the trucking industry and is a tireless advocate for professional drivers. In addition to training new drivers to prepare them for the challenges they will face, she is also actively involved in sharing the “driver” perspective with decision makers in the industry. She firmly believes the general public should be educated about how important truck drivers are to the American economy and seeks to raise awareness about ways to support CMV drivers to do their jobs safely through her role as the Driver Ambassador. Kellylynn serves on the FMCSA MCSAC Commercial Driver Panel, the Advisory Council for Truckers Against Trafficking…and there more. Just listen as Stan Campbell chats with Kellylynn McLaughlin.


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